Restaurant Guide

193 Jackson, San Jose
Japanese restaurant -- has relatively good selection of types of udon. Busy on a Wednesday lunch and Friday evening. The chicken and beef udon have the meat cooked with scrambled egg and green onion, which is pretty nifty. The tofu curry udon is good, as is the kitsune (although they slice up the age instead of giving you the "one big hunk").
154 Jackson, San Jose
Serves ramen as well as udon and soba. What's up with that? Anyway, pretty good ramen.

July 30, 2003 Katana-ya has closed due to the end of their lease.

Bento Express
211 E Jackson, San Jose
Serves saimin and spam musubi. The spicy saimin isn't too spicy, but it's the saimin itself which is spiced, not just the broth as I expected.

Bryan K. Ogawa
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