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Vantec Stealth Fans
02 Jun 2004

I just added a few Vantec Stealth fans to my system. They were advertised as being quiet, and they do seem to be not too loud, given that I now have 2 fans + the PSU and CPU fans running and it's significantly quieter than before when i had all 4 fans running (I had a Sunon 92mm and the 80mm Magic fan that came with the case). Definitely quieter than the 39cfm 60mm fan that came with my first Athlon CPU cooler, at least (which sounded more like a jet engine than anything else).

I can't say they're the quietest fans ever, but possibly worth checking out if you're lazy like me.

If you have more recommendations for quiet fans then email.

Getting DRI/GLX working on FreeBSD 4.x
17 Nov 2003

I got the OpenGL + hardware acceleration via DRI working over the weekend. I have a Radeon 7000/VE on my FreeBSD box, and i was getting 200+ fps on glxgears so i assumed that everything working. However, neverputt was going at 3-4 fps so i suspected something was wrong.

Previously, I had noticed that agp didn't seem to be working, and fiddled with that, but that didn't work.

Eventually, i did a few steps (recommended by Eric Anholt's FreeBSD DRI FAQ):

  • Added the DRI section to my XF86Config file to allow non-root users to do DRI
  • Upgraded my XFree86 code via portupgrade -RN XFree86 (warning: takes a while as this can rebuild your whole XFree86 codebase)
  • Got the AGP modules working on my kernel. It turns out I had compiled AGP support into my kernel and tried to load it as a module at boot time, by putting agp_load="YES" into /boot/loader.conf. Doing both seemed to cause failures which looked like

      error: [drm:radeon_unlock] *ERROR* Process 34925 using kernel context 0

    which taking the line out of the loader.conf fixed.

Now, I get 21fps on neverputt. While this may not be enough to play UT2003 or Q3 with, it makes neverputt quite playable (and also let me play copter commander, which also wasn't working in the past for me).

Added Updates section
11 Nov 2003

I have added an Updates section to my page, which will also act like a blog. Of course this is not very useful at my current rate of page addition...

Bryan K. Ogawa